Green Fire Herbs

Better Living Through Nature's Herbal Bounty

Who we are

My name is Diane Schips and I am the owner of Green Fire Herbs. As an herbalist, I formulate and make everything I sell. To an herbalist, any useful plant is an herb, including the oils and butters derived from plants. I only use unprocessed oils and butters, cold pressed where appropriate, or extracted in the manner best suited to the oil or butter when not. I also use herbs, charcoal and clays for color, and herbs and essential oils for scent. While traditionally, many health and beauty formulas contain animal products, due to the nature of my business I choose to only use goat milk and beeswax and honey.

There are an increasing number of ingredients that are available to home crafters today, many of them manmade. Some very nice products can be made with these, including some amazingly beautiful soaps. I choose to not use these ingredients unless they are necessary. Some products however must be properly preserved (I use one certified for use in organic products, NeoDefend), and an emulsifier makes a stable lotion (I use a vegetable derived emulsifier).

I focus on products that contain ingredients traditionally known to help overall health, and to that end, soaps and lotions are my main lines; however, I also make salves, balms, lip balms, essential oil blends in jojoba oil, sleep pillows, pet products, and more, all designed to be used in conjunction with any lifestyle.

Green Fire Herbs subscribes to the belief in a healthy, sustainable, and well educated world, and we try our best to provide products within that model. To that end, we as a company and I as the owner, work hard to insure that our ingredients are as naturally and sustainably sourced as possible. We also believe in giving back to the community, donating a portion of proceeds to specific charities and encouraging buyers to take an active interest by allowing them to choose the charity that benefits from their specific purchase. We are in this world together, and believe that the best products benefit everyone.