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Giving Back to the Community

A community can't thrive on the sucess of a few. The more members of a community that do well, the healthier the community is.

Green Fire Herbs is partnering with non-profit organizations in a fundraising effort that is beneficial to everyone. Each time a purchase is made on our website, the customer has the option of indicating a partner non-profit they would like to support. Green Fire Herbs will then donate a percentage of the order to that organization. It's in the interests of our partner organizations to promote the program to their members. This provides greater awareness of our company and our products, leading to more donations for our partner organizations. Our customers benefit from knowing they're helping to support organizations that matter to them.

The donation is generally 10% of all regular, sale and clearance priced items, after any coupons and discounts have been applied. Shipping and handling charges and taxes are not included when calculating the donation amount. On ocassion, we may offer an increased percentage for specific non-profits for a limited time. Registered customers can log in and request to be notified when new non-profits are added, or when the percentage donated to an organization changes.

If you represent a non-profit and would like for your organization to participate, you can send an email to*

Please welcome our newest partner non-profit: Warrior Dog Foundation!



*Green Fire Herbs reserves the right to determine what organizations are a best fit with our company.