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Aromatherapy : Meditation

Cedarwood promotes spirituality, balance and calmness.  Clary sage is mildly intoxicating, and reduces emotional stress.  Inhaled, clary sage induces a mild euphoria.  Fir has an elevating and stabilizing effect on the mind and the emotions.  Vetiver is a good grounding essence.  Labdanum supports the heart chakra.   
This is a blend that has been added to jojoba oil.  It can be added to baths, massage oils, lotions or any oil based product.  It can be used directly on the skin or sniffed from the bottle as needed.  It will not blend well in water.  Not intended for use in diffusers.

Avoid during pregnancy.
Cedarwood atlas, clary sage, fir, vetiver, and labdanum essential oils in jojoba oil.

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