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Aromatherapy : Depression

Coriander helps relieve mental fatigue and nervous exhaustion.  Neroli helps relieve depression.  It's also used to help strengthen and tone the nervous system.  Lemon is stimulation to the nervous system, and adds an uplifting scent.  Ylang ylang is a great oil for depression.  In addition to being antidepressant, it acts as a sedative and a eurphoric. 
This is a blend that has been added to jojoba oil.  It can be added to baths, massage oils, lotions or any oil based product.  It can be used directly on the skin or sniffed from the bottle as needed.  It will not blend well in water.  Not intended for use in diffusers.

Can be photosensitizing.  Do not use on skin prior to exposure to sunlight.
Coriander, neroli, lemon and ylang ylang essential oils in jojoba oil.

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