Green Fire Herbs

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Our Herbal Soaps

Herbal soaps are a wonderful way to benefit from the healing properties of herbs. We make all our own soaps. Where possible, our oils and butters are cold processed, unrefined, and organic. All our soaps are formulated to take advantage of the beneficial properties of the ingredients we use.

None of our soaps are animal tested, or made with animal tested ingredients. The only animal products we use are milk, honey, and bees' wax.

Fragrances and Essential Oils

A wide assortment of fragrances are available today. By fragrance, we're referring to artificial substances, created for their scent. Many of these fragrances truly smell wonderful. However, fragrances are made with phthalates and other chemicals known to be hazardous to the human body.

Essential oils on the other hand, are derived from natural plant material. The essential oils we use are are obtained by steam distillation of the plant's volatile oils. Most are certified organic. These are the oils of the plant, containing the properties of the plant they came from.

We don’t use fragrances. Our soaps are cented with herbs, herb teas, spices, juice, fruit peel, vegetables and/or essential oils.


We only use natural colors such as unrefined oils, herbs and clays in our soaps. This limits the colors we can produce. Even if we were to find additional coloring agents we trusted, getting a desired color would often mean starting out with a white soap. You can’t get a blue soap for example, by adding blue to a naturally yellow soap! Making a white soap would require adding titaniam dioxide and/or using refined oils.

Titanium dioxide is a naturally occurring mineral, but chlorine or acids are used to refine it. It adds no benefits for your skin. We prefer to not use it.

Oils are refined to 1) remove their color and scent, and 2) to insure consistency from batch to batch, and 3) to make it easier to substitute one oil for another in the food and other industries as prices or crop yields change. Removing an oil’s color and scent also removes many of the nutrients, nutrients that are good for your skin, nutrients we want to keep in our soaps.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the exception, in that it’s the only refined oil we use in our soaps. The process of refining coconut oil is simpler and less detrimental to the oil and to the environment than is the process of refining other oils. While refined coconut oil doesn’t smell like coconut, it does have many benefits to add to our soap.

Custom Soaps

If you have a specific need, please contact us. We'll try to fill it for you. Our products are also great for fundraisers!

Personal Sizes

Some of our soaps are available in a personal size. Our personal sizes are a great way to inexpensively try our soaps to help you determine which ones are right for you. They also make great gifts. Select several personal size soaps, a few personal size bath salts, some individual bath bombs, maybe a bath oil, and some individual bath teas. Package in a coffee or travel mug for a teacher gift. Wrap them in a punch bowl or laundry basket for a house warming gift. Baskets and masonry jars, are also great packaging ideas.

Personal sizes can be selected for color, or the soaps' properties. Custom personal sizes can be ordered if desired. All our personal sized soaps come with a description of the available soaps and their properties. If you need additional pamphlets, just let us know.

Personal sized soaps also make wonderful promotional items, and shower gifts. Soaps can be ordered personalized with your company name, or the name of the bride and groom for an additonal fee. We can also personalize your soaps with the names of your guests! What a unique way to indicate seating arrangements. Bulk prices are available for personalized soaps.


Some products should be avoided during pregnancy, some by people with certain illnesses or conditions. Products to be used on infants should be selected with special care.